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Internet Marketing Articles

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Making Money Online with Google AdSense

By Michael Fleischner Marketing Expert, Internet Marketing Secrets*

Many marketing professionals are using Google to place targeted ads in front of prospective customers. This is increasingly effective due to the highly targeted nature of Google AdWords. Google AdSense, the other side of the online advertising equation, allows website owners to make money by provided contextually targeted ads to their website traffic.

Providing targeted ads to your online visitors creates a better user experience and communicates your knowledge of the audience you serve. Google AdSense automatically delivers text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content through the Google AdSense advertising system.

If you're involved with an affiliate program such as commission junction, you know that signing up with, and maintaining relationships with advertisers is a full-time job. With Google AdSense, Google manages the relationships with advertisers for you, making the process simple and easy to manage. Once you place the appropriate code on your website, the AdSense program requires basically no maintenance.

How You Make Money
When you display Google ads on your website, you create the potential to generate revenue. Google places relevant cost-per-click and cost per thousand impressions ads into a real-time auction and lets multiple advertisers compete against one another for displaying their ad. The auction takes place instantaneously and when it's over AdSense automatically displays the text or image ads that will generate the maximum revenue for a given page, resulting in the maximum revenue for a web site owner.

Ads Are Updated When Your Content Changes
Google AdSense technology analyses the content of your web pages and delivers ads that are relevant automatically, no matter how many pages of content your site may have. As your content changes, Google's ads change to match.

Google Ads Can be Customized in Look and Feel
AdSense allows you to customize the appearance of your ads to fully match the look and feel of your site. As of the writing of this article, Google AdSense provides more than 200 colors and 24 pre-set color palettes to choose from. Additionally, you can create and save your own custom palettes using a point-and-click color selection tool which is relatively simple to use. This ensures a consistent user experience for those browsing your web site.

Track Your Earnings Online
The key to making money with Google AdSense is to monitor your ad performance with customizable online reports. These reports are available online and offer details regarding the number of page impressions delivered, clicks, and click-through rate. You can also track the performance of specific ad formats, colors and pages, allowing you to spot trends quickly and easily. The reporting tool lets you group your web pages however you want, so you can gain insight into your earnings by viewing results by URL, domain, ad type, and category. When you spot revenue trends, develop more content for your site in the areas that produce the highest Google AdSense revenue.

If you are interested in getting started as a Google AdSense publisher, just go to your web browser and type in Google AdSense. You'll find information about the program and a link to the program registration form. Signing up is pretty easy. It only takes a few minutes to apply online for both content and search ads. Once you're approved, you simply need to log in to your account, copy and paste a block of HTML code into your existing ad server or directly into any of your web pages. Relevant ads start to appear on your web pages right away, and you start making money from the first impression or click.

Be sure to evaluate the effectiveness of your program at least once per week. Doing so allows you to determine what type of content is driving the largest percentage of your online advertising revenue. As mentioned previously, when developing new content for your site, be sure to focus on the areas that are driving the greatest ad revenue as indicated by your online Google AdSense reports.

* Michael Fleischner is an Internet marketing expert and the president of, the Internet’s biggest source of marketing information and free marketing resources. He has more than 12 years of marketing experience and has appeared on The TODAY Show, Bloomberg Radio, and other major media. Visit for further details, marketing secrets, Marketing Blog Directory, and more FREE reprint articles.

How you can make money with a home based internet marketing business?

By Cody Moya

For a lot of people the daily grind of working 9 to 5 wears on you after a few years. The tell tale signs of burn out are extendedlunches, clocking in five minutes late, leaving five minutes earlyand a notable lack in work quality.

When you begin to show all these signs it is time for a change. The problem comes in that you have bills, you have a family, and you have a life to maintain. This is where so many people get stuck in the daily rut of 9 to 5 and never seem to get out.

Well the Internet is a great way to make changes in your life and income. The Internet offers a world of opportunity to anyonewho is willing to work and put in extra time to build a home based internet marketing business.

One of the hallmarks of the home based internet marketing businessis it is traditionally less expensive to start it than it is to setup a shop in your local town. You are able to work-from-your-homewith the computer you already own. The cost is minimal and therewards are limitless.

How would you like to earn money by starting your own home basedinternet marketing business? People choose to work-from-home for several reasons including the desire to stay home with their children, the need for extra income, or simply being dissatisfied with their current job.

A home based internet marketing business will provide you with an exciting way to earn money. Numerous opportunities are available to internet marketers.

When starting your home based internet marketing business you should develop a business plan and research your options thoroughly. Making wise decisions and following your business plan each step of the way can help you in creating a steady stream of income.

Operating a home based internet marketing business will require some work and effort especially at the beginning. You will not become wealthy over night. It will take determination to succeed as an internet marketer.

When making your business plan, include both short and long term goals. Determine how you will achieve those goals and put your plan into action.

Private label products, Google Adsense and other programs areexcellent home based internet marketing business programs and thereare numerous other internet marketing offers that will create steady income if you are willing to make the effort.

Some of these opportunities may require some investment from you and others are advertised as free. Research all internet marketing opportunities carefully to make sure you understand the terms and conditions.

As an internet marketer, you will have to distinguish yourself from the competition if you want to succeed. Do not let self-doubt stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Every successful internet marketer gives their business the very best effort possible. Some work and determination at the beginning will make your home based internet marketing business a success and provide you with a steady stream of income.

Starting a home based internet marketing business is one of the most exciting and challenging endeavors you will ever undertake.

Choose the products or services you provide carefully. Make certain your products or services will be needed over the long term and make customer service your top priority.

A loyal customer base is the key to the success or failure of your home based internet marketing business. A home based internet marketing business is an excellent way to gain independence and financial independence. A sound business plan and a strong work ethic are all it takes to succeed.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Cody Moya writes about Business and Marketing in his Free Internet Marketing Courses. You can sign up for his Free Internet Marketing Courses and get additional information at his website:

Monday, April 16, 2007

To Know About Search Engine

We’re getting used to search every topic we require from the net through Search Engine (SE). Google, Yahoo and MSN are 3 main SE available which Google dominantly proven being the top list than the others. For website owners, to submit their sites to the SE is always an initial step to get necessary traffics to theirs. Besides it provides a free kind of marketing methodology, most SE has provided simple/easy way to get any sites ranked in their listings.

Getting the top or best ranking in SE is yet a dream for every online netrepreneur. Then, without visitors, how in the world we can sell our products and achieve the online dreamed victory? Relevant source saying that there are almost 1 billion website worldwide… heck of a lot of sites!! Due to such extreme competition, we need to ensure that our sites are continuously given a top rank priority in SE, thus inviting much traffic possible and gain the advantage than the rest. And this is where we reach a point to learn everything more about SE.

As like tv stations and newspapers, big chunk of SE revenue is derived from the advertising ad fees through their paid or “sponsored listings”. Beside that SE also giving the free listing alternatives to website owners, as mentioned, more called as “natural listing”. But we might be asking how SE organize all the sites listed in their database and entertain for every specific net surfers upon putting their unique ‘keyword’ in the search box? We will look into that in general as it really matters a lot to us….

Once sites are submitted for listed, SE, which actually an integrated computer software, will scrutinize, read through and record the site contents in a specified format. The process is referred to ‘spidering or crawling’. Every web page will then be indexed into a readable form by the SE and when someone on the net search for certain topic, SE will presents a list of websites among the indexed sites, giving the most relevant content as the request.

But precisely, how real the SE picks up the most relevant sites for each search done??? Knowingly, SE is using a certain formula of algorithms to calculate what makes a certain site recognized as the most relevant site. This is what we need to explore and study as the algorithm formula is highly deemed as a secret thing. This is what we call as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which opens to us to be break-in & predict the latest keep changing code.

But remember, the higher the listing rank that we secured, the better chances we are getting our products promoted and brighter opportunity to conclude a SALE!!. So it is a good point to read this article and get ready to dig over the SE undercover, probably in my next chapter, god willing…


Accepting Our Sale Proceeds

We might have putting huge effort to get our site up with cool flashing graphics, sticky keywords in various ‘hotspots’ throughout therein, fabulous product and eagerly pulling in swamp traffic inside but hey!!! we have just missed out 1 other crucial thing, PAYMENT PROCESSOR. Then only it truly makes our business model feasible, ready to take the customer’s order and get the yield starts pouring into our pocket.

To proceed with it, first and foremost, we must understand to a question on why most people are so reluctant to perform shopping online? No other reasons except for the trustworthy of the system’s integrity. For credit card holders, never say about typing in their card numbers as some are even so terrify to turn into the ordering page!! Ok are few notes to consider:

- Choose among the most convincing method, given high security standard and come with proven history record.
- Use widely accepted kind of payment which used to be practiced by majority of experienced online trader.
- Find one that brings the highest convenience level to customers.

Credit card facility is one of the must have, easiest and effective methods to provide. But in order to utilize this, we have to first open up an account with a credit card processing company. Register ourselves with these so called merchant companies and there goes, we can straight away activate the system and configure it into our site with all the necessity tools and steps provided. There are many companies acted as the merchant in the net but please note that some are having certain constraints in regions that they might serving to. But for a newbie, it is highly recommended to register with as they proven to be an efficient and professional provider, despite of quoting USD49 one-off fees for a single site registration. A part from that, they also charge us a service charge (5% + USD0.50) based on every amount transacted, as like other merchants, which might only vary in term of the service charge quantum. In return, will deliver us cheque twice a month according to the net sales amount. Some hosting companies also provide a business hosting package inclusive of the credit card payment gateway facility.

Other popular method is the application of Paypal, service run by Google for their almost 100 million Ebay registered users, worldwide. Best thing about Paypal is it free activation fees where online traders can transfer and receive payment freely from any places around the globe. The only drawback is that Paypal transmit the money to registered seller’s bank account, only for US residence and few other countries and not Malaysia, in particular. However, there are several ways to solute the situation which we will share further, probably in my next article.

E-gold is yet another option to consider for receiving our payment. E-gold is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd, a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage. E-gold currency is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers internet users to use gold as money. Specifically, the system allows people to spend specified weights of gold to other e-gold accounts. Besides gold, other metals are also being issued for e-currency just like e-gold. For instance : e-silver, e-platinum and e-palladium. But it seems that e-gold always be the better choice than others to perform an internet transaction. Check out

To compensate in a local trading, we also can maximize the becoming-popular tool of internet banking. Fund transfer from buyer’s bank account to seller’s bank account can be done via the internet that provides a real time processing.

Whichever we choose, always insert a ‘certified and safe payment’ kind of logo into our site which will bring up a greater impact to our prospect’s confidence!!!


What Inspire Me Up

The fact, since my schooling years, I ‘ve already posses a little passion & interest to be a successful businessman. That has actually inspired me a lot and I took my 1st step in getting necessary knowledge & qualification which I opted to complete my degree study in accountancy. I was granted with scholar with one giant company in Malaysia and so grateful that finally I ended with quite remarkable results. I’m so proud of myself, then. But upon graduated, I deferred my intention to start a business, for a while, as the scholar has bounded me for few years of employment contract. So I engaged my service to the company and still serving till now.

As a Finance Manager it works for me just find initially where I started to save little of my income for my 1st business enrolling. Venturing with my other 2 colleges, we’ve come out to involve in a tuition centre business. We run it in part time basis but ohh goodness!! we’ve been exposed with lot of great fresh experience in managing a real off line business, in hand. But so regret, despite of getting an overwhelming response rate at the beginning, few unexpected problems cropped up and our tuition center only stands for less than 2 years and collapsed. I then concentrated back to my office work besides having few part time jobs, particularly, offering an accounting service to small enterprises and did some investment in money market. At the same time I have undergone few promotion exercises in workplace and started to enjoy my complacent life and tend to forget about my initial ambition.

But, as I go along, I’m becoming more restricted with all my current doings, having a very small increment rate yearly, taking a ridiculous direction order from company management, getting less and lesser company recognition and much struggling in covering up my increased financial commitments. Even more sick, I’ve just putting away a big gap from something that I naturally used to give on my attention, my family and hobby…It realized that all my hard works being a loyal dedicated employee, don’t really pays-off!!

I then initiated a thorough study and analysis of doing some money making jobs through the web. Yes!!! I think I’ve just found an extremely huge opportunity to look into seriously. I reckon that this business is so real and I should be grabbing it right away!!. For low starting up capital, borderless market, flexible hours of working from home, getting some instant profit, these are all I’m searching for. This blog is purely to share what internet business is all about and for those seeking for such kind information on how to start with, please bookmark this site and u won’t regret as all fresh and up to date info is about to reveals out.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Derek Gehl - Free Subscription Offer

Have you been searching for FREE quality information that you can use to build a successful online business, but getting totally frustrated by the lack of *useful* content out there?Believe me, I feel your pain! I was in the exact same boat that you're in right now...

No matter how *much* I searched, I just kept coming acrossline the same old recycled tips from a bunch of so-called "experts," which turned out to be nothing but thinly disguised plugs for products nobody needs or even wants!

But then I came across Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl and his team at the Internet Marketing Center...... and I quickly discovered that not all experts are created equal!See, thanks to a lot of advice and help early on, Derek tooka $25 investment and turned it into $60,000,000 in onlinesales -- and now, in appreciation for the support he received when he was starting out, he's determined to give back.(For instance, in the past couple of weeks alone, he's given away over $450,000 worth of free eBooks. Talk about being committed to helping YOU succeed!)

Anyway, Derek's now offering FREE TRIAL subscriptions to hisexclusive members-only online profit newsletter, "Secrets ToTheir Success," and he's agreed to reserve a few for my best customers!If you haven't heard of "Secrets To Their Success" before, be prepared to be blown away, because every month, Derek and histeam put together TWO extensive case studies of real peoplelike YOU who have created online businesses that make a minimum of $100,000 a year.

And these are NOT just "fluffy" personality profiles...Using intense "question and answer" interviews, Derek totally *dissects* each business, and exposes every tip... every strategy... every tool they used to start, build, and growtheir businesses to their current success.You'll even hear about the mistakes they made, and how they suggest YOU avoid them!I've been a subscriber for YEARS, and the things I've learned have added more to my bottom line than I can even guess.You should check it out. Like I said, it's totally FREE to try. Here's the link to find out more:


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Taking the Next Step - Full Throttle

I’ve mentioned that basic resources to have in order to kick-off an online business are product, domain & hosting, payment method and marketing tools. These are widely storied out again and again by few book authors, which we can get at various bookstores around. But wait!!! Do we think these are really enough to secure our trading success? Surely not…Having said that the number of new internet marketers is keep increasing from a year to another, how many of them do achieve the real success and who really don’t? By fact, the later is actually a way exceed than the other. Failures dominancy in net business is something that we must take seriously so that we can fine tune all our business frameworks accurately. Learn from their past mistakes and position ourselves at the proper track to gain and SUSTAIN the victory. By all means, we should do that….

So in taking the next steps, be prepared to engage the gear 1 and start accelerating as to not following the failure’s footstep. Remember that we’re just at the initial stage where it is so essential to do something right from the early beginning. No turning back as we go forward, it will be either we make it or not. Statistic shows that most netrepreneurs once get failed, they will just frustrate and abandon the internet business scene for good. I learn these from my readings and gladly to share with u guys what appropriate actions to be taken for the newbies before getting involved:

- Do lot of researches and readings in the net and understand the whole process of internet business and marketing. In some cases, we need to invest a bit in order to get fresh relevant information. This part is very very very important!!

- Get ourselves a genuine ‘guru’ to steer our business process. Browse for a lead model of successful marketers and subscribe for their free newsletters or join their affiliates.

- Interpret precisely every new fresh information and knowledge obtained and try to link it to our business model. We must have the ability to filter all the downloaded information through the net.

- Learn ourselves few basic net jargons like ‘keyword’, ‘search engine optimization’, ‘SE spider’ ‘blog’, ‘pay per click’, ‘site traffic’, ‘info product’, ‘viral marketing’, ‘back link’, ‘reciprocal link’, ‘e-book’, ‘e-zines’, ‘RSS’, ‘social bookmarking’ to be named a few.

- Find good or competitive professional providers for every resource that we purchase online. Search for their past tract record as much possible. Basic requirement to transact: at least to have credit card or debit card to ease the shopping needs like domain/hosting, payment merchant fees, few system software etc.

- Find an online community that share the same interest/industry of ours where we can get along with and trailing the buyer prospects. Eg: forums, newsgroup, message board etc.

- Source for webs that provide certain useful web, traffic and marketing tools that can enhance and uphold our presence in the net business. Eg : mailing list, autoresponder, site tracking, blogger etc etc.

- Be the master of our own product/service we are selling. Refer to my last article titled Self Positioning – Be an Established Expert

- Get our knowledge of marketing techniques updated!! Study the various pattern of internet marketing tools and execute massive marketing continuously. Constantly update our website, analyze the traffic, know ourselves the algorithm of search engine, find our magnetic keywords, learn the best PPC program in net, practice page link, etc.

- Prepare for some free goodies to potential prospect that they can appreciate with. This can be via any means from free articles, free ebook, free product sample, free guidelines or tips or anything that directly reflect the greatest value of our product.


Self Positioning – Be an Established Expert

As a net seller, it is critically vital to be perceived as an expert and credible in the industry we getting in. Show the wealth knowledge that we posses and willingness to share it with our potential customers. That will help much in creating the market confidence to product we are promoting. Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoe, we don’t even bother to read such a lousy ad, what more of purchasing it. The least, equip ourselves to be a real professional who technically knows every single inch of our product, even if we have to act as one!! Or else, probably after months or even years of hard work to skyrocket our traffic site, they might just click off from our site, for not getting a good impression as expected. Few other guidelines that can be practiced out:

- Always invest on paid hosting and domain name. The free ones never deliver the precise signal that we’re so damn serious in business.

- Design properly our web site as we don’t want to come across as a new internet user or new business owner.

- Team up with a good writer and packaging our knowledge to end up with an incredibly killing sales ad promotion.

- React fast in giving response for every concern or query from customers we’re getting via emails or other possible means. Autoresponder facilities should be something we can consider to.

- Stay away from bombarding SPAM mail. U’re so WRONG if u think that by spamming, u can widen the target market instantly and maximize the profit. Focus on niche market, instead, as it is well proven to success.

- Treat ourselves professionally and ethically in joining any online forums, newsgroup or message board. Get a right approach especially in posting a thread of topic and don’t ever do it blatantly.

- Continuously update our site content with fresh inputs as it will also link up to secure a better position on pagerank by search engine.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Drop Ship – A Source of Internet Business Opportunity

I did highlight before on how we can construct an online income opportunity by not inventing our own product/service. Yes, by mean of subscribing ourselves to Google Adsense and potential Affiliate Program. A Drop Ship business is yet another type of business concept that can be seriously considered. Given a proper marketing outlines and smart execution skills, all these programs have indeed created a strong income source for numerous internet millionaires.

This Drop Ship model allows us to focus entirely on embarking the marketing plan and strategy while the product/service will be in full controlled by the real expert in the related industries. Netprenuers are to seal an agreement with reputable wholesalers which negotiation will then determine the wholesale price and also the delivery method. We’ll just tracking the availability of niche market for the wholesaler’s product/service and conclude a business deal…other word to say, scouting around for a buyer!!!

Buyers who do shopping online and place order through our website will pay such a sales price determined by netprenuers. Customer’s details will be assigned to wholesales, normally via email which in turn manage the product delivery direct to buyer’s address. The different between the selling price and the wholesale price will dictate the margin return for every sale transaction incurred.

This Drop Ship model really offers few advantages like:

- High quality product as we can choose among the highly remarkable wholesaler.
- No need to figure out about product branding as it has been developed by the wholesaler.
- No need to pay head aces for inventing our own product/services.
- No investment in storage space as we don’t require to stocks up the goods in our own premises.
- No need to handle the product delivery process. Just enough to monitor the overall process until buyers receive the goods.


Internet Business – Stopping All the Nonsense

Spreading out the word of ‘internet business’ nowadays, it has created a little concern and skeptical thought especially from those who having less internet literacy. Knowing few basic internet applications, they used to browse the net for sourcing a desired information or knowledge on specific interest of theirs, not more than that. Even if they realize about the online income opportunity, they seem reluctant to put themselves in the stream and explore a bit more on getting the real outline of business model available.

I guess we should be looking at ONE BIG factor, on what bringing the situation rooting in the community. Hopefully all these can be best shared with u guys and not only to clear out our mind set, yet to grab full advantage on every opportunity passing by in front of us almost everyday!!

We used to hear so many people talking about e-commerce nowadays and even government has pull out their full strength just to execute wide propaganda relating e-commerce and promote every individual to seriously take part in it. Unsurprisingly, that awareness has actually boosted up the public passion and interest to learn more, to the higher level.

BUT, sadly we have also been exposed about all the rubbish, nonsense, hype and scam activities inside the net at about the same time frame. All these illegal owners have always putting their programs to be operating behind the e-commerce underlying concept. Yet, it is known that they are just to be perceived attractive and trying to persuade as much participants possible. This really undermines all the good faith of real e commerce framework and ruins all the potential people to contribute in e commerce.

Yup!!! it is ease to believe that people always trying to manipulate something for own sake of convenience. There are thousand of new illegal programs created in the net a day and users should be much careful to subscribe any of these, especially in money making schemes. Quick rich programs, auto surf, HYIP, illegal MLM is amongst the simplest example to quote which we should be more alert and precautious. Even if it really can makes money, believe me that there always be a ‘catch’ in the end. So guys!! Don’t ever invest in programs that having unclear direction. Perform ‘due diligence’ as much possible and try to evaluate the overall company background and associated business risk.

These programs actually have triggered a very quick attention to internet users as it promises large amount of profit earning in return of small capital investment needed. But please be remembered that a real netpreneurs do not involve in these kind of hypes. We do have our own unique good/service to sell and more importantly we equip ourselves with tons knowledge of marketing skills and develop all the success victory through years of operations just like the normal traders that do the selling offline.

There is no cut short of making money, getting 150% to 300% net return in just 20 days, getting money by reading emails, surfing, so on and so fourth….we’re instead the real traders, having our real product/service that facing the real tight borderless competition. Learn smartly how to become a real netpreneurs and start develop ur own niche product/services and run a real internet business, straight away.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

To Learn About Affiliate (Part 2)

Selling our affiliate products on our web site is the logical choice, but there are actually a number of different ways to promote affiliate products:

Through our existing web site:
Using our existing web site to promote affiliate products is probably the fastest and easiest way to get started earning affiliate commissions. The downside of this quick approach is that we won't necessarily get the traffic needed simply by placing a link to it. Remember, it takes a number of visitors to our site to translate into one affiliate sale. Of course, we'll also need to consider whether or not the people coming to our site will be interested in the product we're promoting. If our site is completely unrelated to Internet marketing, we might even want to create a new site that will start attracting more targeted visitors.

E-mail marketing to our opt-in list:
Putting together an e-mail marketing promotion to our opt-in list is an excellent way to send people to our affiliate products. It's a bit more time-consuming, but we get much better results. What's great about e-mail marketing is that we can tell the subscribers on our mailing list how the product has personally benefited us. Just the fact that we are sending this offer to our list is a strong endorsement for the product.And the real beauty of promoting our affiliate product via e-mail is that we are presenting the offer to people who want to hear what we have to say. Our opt-in list is filled with people who have signed up to receive information from us, and who trust our opinion.

Newsletters and e-zines:
Another alternative to using our web site to promote the affiliate product is to advertise in other online sources of information. A classified ad in someone else's e-zine or newsletter is an excellent approach that allows us to reach a new audience beyond our web site visitors and mailing list subscribers. There are plenty of newsletters and e-zines out there, and chances are we'll find some that have content related to our offer. The audiences for these would have an excellent chance of being interested in our affiliate product! Advertising in someone else's e-zine/newsletter also allows us to take advantage of the credibility that the publisher has established with their customers. If you're advertising in a newsletter that people trust, chances are our ad will be well received.


Monday, March 26, 2007

The Power of eBay

It should be known that eBay is an online marketplace that enabling the trade at local and even international basis. It provides individuals and business owners to execute their business transaction through internet. It is owned by eBay Inc and offer large market through site, localized to specific market in most countries in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Obviosly, eBay forms part of the essential marketing tools for netprenuers. Besides of using own website, selling products/services through eBay is something that can't be taken lightly, especially for the newbies in online business community. Here are some fresh points to look into:
  1. Free hosting to promote products
  2. Free joining fee at selected countries
  3. Highly reputable and experience of more than 10 years
  4. Provide a customer focus
  5. Access to 100 million of potential buyers.
  6. Provide the payment conviniency for both sellers and buyers
  7. Exposure on e-currency application ( eBay is using PayPal for all payment transaction)
  8. Availability of customers/bidders profile
  9. Strong support group from eBay
  10. Free marketing and promotion
  11. A lot more...

In Malaysia particularly, there are other auction platforms that can be explored further, namely Lelong which potraying almost the same concept of eBay.


To Learn About Affiliate Program (Part 1)

In brief, joining an Affiliate Program is to sell a product/service owned by others. In return we will be entitled for an amount of sales commission as agreed upon. Commission rates are varies according to the type of product/services and programs but generally in between 5% – 50% range. The good Affiliate Programs always gives away all their marketing tools & materials, as we can merely focus on the marketing & sales function.

Being successful as an affiliate involves careful thought and planning, and the willingness to work at your business. Of course, we can't expect to see huge commission checks rolling in from the very start, but with a little time and effort, we can be extremely successful.

I’m sure every of us ever visited a web site that was covered in advertising banners for unrelated products, or endless lists of links to other sites, and none of it had anything to do with the reason we went to that web site in the first place? Of course we have -- the Internet is full of sites like that!

I guess that's a pretty common approach to affiliate marketing. People think that if they bombard their visitors with as many affiliate product ads or site links as possible, those visitors are bound to click on something. And they do: Visitors take one look at that overwhelming "flea market" of random affiliate links and banners, and click the "Close" button!

The point is, affiliate programs are the most rewarding when we really focus on making them work, rather then expecting them to do the work for us. The key to becoming a highly successful affiliate is to put together a successful affiliate marketing strategy by following these three steps:

Step One: Choose the most profitable method of promoting our affiliate products
Step Two: Choose the product that will earn us the highest commissions
Step Three: Steal the program's proven marketing tools

I will share with u guys further in my next articles, but do refer here for your further readings. TQ


Thursday, March 22, 2007

To Own Urself A Website

My previous article was just mentioned that a website presence is much crucial and formed the most basic things to own. It should be designed effectively to navigate the content toward the specific customer needs. The site should allow visitors to trigger out the overall summary/objective/purpose of it, IMMEDIATELY after they get entered. Otherwise, they will just leave out without trying to read through the contents and you know it, you just loose one big opportunity for an eye blinking.

Good website should provide a very smooth and clear pathway that will keeps the visitor moving through the site content to the desired result that we all want…that is the ORDER PAGE!. So, plan the site linkage carefully so that it will all be ended at the order page and make sure that visitors are not left stranded somewhere inside.

Keep it simple and straight forward with minimum fancy graphic kind of things. Remember that too much graphic tends to stir visitor’s focus and will also affect the page loading time. It always better to have full rich and informative content of the product or services that being offered, instead.

Find ways of pursuing the visitors to bookmark the site and get them back to visit our page at later time. Offer them a periodic newsletters or e-zines and even to give them free goodies that provide a backlink to the mainpage. These are only a few examples that can be practised

Those having an expertise on web designing may get the better position of owning it at almost a zero cost. But for the rest, there are other ways of developing yours. The worst case, outsource it out to the professionals that might cost around just few to hundred dollars. Bear in mind that having a minisite is just nice for a beginner. Otherwise, learn yourself the easy way of web designing, just like me!!! Refer here for further readings to develop a minisite in 30 minutes.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Learn The Power of Blogging

Actually, I was amazed just how powerful blogs really are. The amount of traffic I can drive to my website with a blog is so impressive! If u guys don't have a blog yet, NOW is definitely the time to start one! And I'm positive that anyone of us can secure a top 10 position in the search engines using the advanced blogging techniques.

Plus, by having a blog, i can drive swarms of traffic to mywebsite, explode my sales and profits...OR add new streams of revenue to my existing business! In summary these are what blogging might offer me:

- increase my website traffic and getting top rank #1 in SE -- for the keywords MOST searched by my target audience
- attract more repeat traffic than my other static webpage! Since blogs take just seconds to update (from ANYWHERE in the world), it's easy to draw visitors back again and again with fresh news and postings!

And since blogging is the biggest trend to hit the Internet in the last 10 years, there's more opportunity to profit from it right now than there ever will be. My prediction is we won't see another chance like this for at least another 10 years... Which means the time to act is now!
If you want to get in on the action, and maximize your business profits quickly, then I highly recommend u guys to start construct ur own blog right away. Click here to read more... Before it's too late!


Should Have Lists ( The Basics)

To start my own home business, definitely i need to prepare on few basic things about internet marketing. Without having or knowing these, my whole business plan execution could be jeopardized. What are those? Let me share these with u guys :
  1. Product/services - To identify my most appropriate and best suit with the market demand and self competency.
  2. How best i can start my selling without having any product?
  3. To own a website or blog. Many ways of having it either learn to DIY or outsource it to the experts.
  4. To find a good domain name and hosting company. I need to learn and scouting for a good keyword.
  5. To source on the payment method for online trading. Which merchant giving the best offer and conveniency?
  6. What is the minimum start up cost?
  7. How to list my selling web to search engine (SE)? What are the SE available in net?
  8. Where to advertise my product/services in the web with zero cost/minimum spending?
  9. Where can i get info on best marketing practices? Who are the best 'guru' in this field that i can learnt from?
  10. To maximise my web traffic, what needs to be done?
  11. How to optimize the SE, so that my web always be at the top?
  12. How to compete with thousands other sellers?
  13. How to get into a niche market?
  14. How to sustain my internet business?
  15. Am i going to succeed??????????

That are not all, there are many other areas need to be explored out........


Thursday, March 15, 2007

So Simple To Start With...

This is how I started my business. While scouting for the right product to market, I got myself involved in Google Adsense and Affiliate Program. As a newbie, I totally started from scratch, thus spend alot of time in readings and getting as much info possible about these 2. It was a bit tough at the beginning but 1 thing for sure, I can straight away execute my business dream without so much hassle. I got myself a free hosting web and started the marketing strategies.

For those who do not know, Google AdSense is the programme that can generate advertising revenue from each page of our website—with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources. AdSense delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to our site content. And when we add a Google search box to your site, AdSense delivers relevant text ads that are targeted to the Google search results pages generated by your visitors’ search request. Click here for details.

While Affiliate Program is an advertising program offering a monetary incentive for webmasters to drive traffic to the advertiser's website. This eliminates the necessity for the advertiser to find websites with related content to list their banners. It also increases the response rate by giving the "affiliate" websites a stake in the response rate.

I will share the details of both these program in detail in my next posting.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Best Trade Ever...

Yea...this is the most basic thing to resolve before taking the next step. I was cracking my head just to find one good piece of product/service that i can really market in internet. I started to browse 1000 of webs, blogs, forums, e-books etc etc..yet i was so confused. I subscribed to many business/marketing newsletters which in the end guide me to no-where situation.

But I found that most intenet marketeers say that investing in info product is always the better choice, comparative to real tangible products. I tend to agree as internet is really a real source of information. Everybody connects into the net to retrieve certain information for a specific usage of their own. Other than that it also offers zero storage, fast/easy handling and immediate delivery services.

And also always consider our interest, capabalities and expertise in making the final product/service selection. Generally true that how on earth i'm going to excel in something that i don't have the knowledge in?? And also it is so fantastic to gain income for something that I love and used to do...yes certainly!!

But what exactly this info product? How to turn our knowledge/expertise into it? In what medium I need to convert it out? How to do it? That remain as a question and need patience and passion to explore further. But you know what??.. I think all these fresh experience that I went through, can also be consiered as knowledge and information. So...maybe I can sell it!!!

Not to forget, there is also a space to trade something for free...yes free!!!without inventing my own product/services..without incurring any starting up cost, without thinking about the payment method, deliverying and so on..I will share with readers soon, especially to those who are new in the net business.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't Miss Out The Opportunity!!!

I know by fact that internet provides a modern/new way to market the business, an alternative of normal conventional marketing method. Embarking on proper and right marketing tools, I can freely offer my products/services to almost 1.2 billion internet users around the world. And guess what, out of this 36% are the potential customers coming from the Asian region. Yes, the overall Asian internet users surpass the users for total Europe Region, which is 315 million users. Malaysia alone provides the accessibility to 13 million internet users, while Indonesia and Singapore is having 8 million and 2 million users, respectively. (as per Internet World Stat-latest 2007)

So, what can these figures tell me? It is so obvious right?? How big the opportunity of having my services/product online? Ok...true that it is so impossible for every 1.2 billion world internet users to be our business customers!!! But to recap back the basic principle of doing business, we can only clearly outline our dream business proposal, always in a better way by knowing such opportunity in front. At least I have defined the overall platform of my potential customers and to make them acquire our product/services is something that viable to achieve. How best should I market my business internationally, through normal conventional way of marketing techniques? Newspaper??Radio??Televisyen?Printed Business Directory? Don't think so...

I'm still getting less confident at this intital stage.. but that's ok..let's be at a bit pessimistic side..if I think that I cannot get the 1.2 billion world internet users, for 13 million of Malaysian, I think it is still a wide market to penetrate, for starting offcourse..

Other beauty of internet that I just known is the associated marketing cost. I realised that there are places where I can execute the advertisement for free. Yeah...I should have known it earlier. It just that I need some basic knowledge/expertise on how to carry out marketing effectively in the net. And the fact that MARKETING PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE TO ANYBODY's BUSINESS SUCCESS is always always always true forever.


To start of....

I reckon that this internet making business will spur anyone interest. Why?? Maybe because of trend i suppose which everybody is started to talk about 'e-commerce' these days. Also because I'm just aware so many individuals around the globe that really have climbed over the victory by only working at home. I guess, it is absolutely true where in Malaysia itself, few successful net-preneurs were just been created with carrying a million worth of income. And while i'm creating this article, sure enough that few others are working so hard to follow through the foot step and they are also millionaire, in the making - god willing! So, it really opens my mind to explore indepth the opportunity evolved from this internet scene.

Is it a real true story? How actually they get their success? What needs to become like them? How much effort that they have putted in? What business they are running? How much is the start-up cost? What are their background? What are the critical success factors? Their inspirational factors? These all give me a will to know more about them and the business.

I follow through the update of internet marketing, do my own research of business opportunity in the net, execute a due diligence on few business concept etc etc....for which i will share all these information to my blog readers.

Hopes that we can change ideas/info for the good sake of all the potential net-preneurs all over the globe.