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Internet Marketing Articles

Monday, April 16, 2007

To Know About Search Engine

We’re getting used to search every topic we require from the net through Search Engine (SE). Google, Yahoo and MSN are 3 main SE available which Google dominantly proven being the top list than the others. For website owners, to submit their sites to the SE is always an initial step to get necessary traffics to theirs. Besides it provides a free kind of marketing methodology, most SE has provided simple/easy way to get any sites ranked in their listings.

Getting the top or best ranking in SE is yet a dream for every online netrepreneur. Then, without visitors, how in the world we can sell our products and achieve the online dreamed victory? Relevant source saying that there are almost 1 billion website worldwide… heck of a lot of sites!! Due to such extreme competition, we need to ensure that our sites are continuously given a top rank priority in SE, thus inviting much traffic possible and gain the advantage than the rest. And this is where we reach a point to learn everything more about SE.

As like tv stations and newspapers, big chunk of SE revenue is derived from the advertising ad fees through their paid or “sponsored listings”. Beside that SE also giving the free listing alternatives to website owners, as mentioned, more called as “natural listing”. But we might be asking how SE organize all the sites listed in their database and entertain for every specific net surfers upon putting their unique ‘keyword’ in the search box? We will look into that in general as it really matters a lot to us….

Once sites are submitted for listed, SE, which actually an integrated computer software, will scrutinize, read through and record the site contents in a specified format. The process is referred to ‘spidering or crawling’. Every web page will then be indexed into a readable form by the SE and when someone on the net search for certain topic, SE will presents a list of websites among the indexed sites, giving the most relevant content as the request.

But precisely, how real the SE picks up the most relevant sites for each search done??? Knowingly, SE is using a certain formula of algorithms to calculate what makes a certain site recognized as the most relevant site. This is what we need to explore and study as the algorithm formula is highly deemed as a secret thing. This is what we call as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which opens to us to be break-in & predict the latest keep changing code.

But remember, the higher the listing rank that we secured, the better chances we are getting our products promoted and brighter opportunity to conclude a SALE!!. So it is a good point to read this article and get ready to dig over the SE undercover, probably in my next chapter, god willing…


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